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Data Management Services keep pace with emerging technologies, rising customer expectations, ever-changing regulations and disruptive business models.

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Saroni Consulting prides itself on our innovative methods and tools to manage all of your data needs. We understand that your data is a crucial asset to your organization. It must be managed and protected with the same rigor that you would use to manage, track and protect cash. There are several ways to determine the value of your data asset, including:

  • cost to produce the data
  • cost to replace the data if it is lost
  • revenue or profit opportunity provided by the data
  • revenue or profit loss if data falls into competitors hands
  • legal exposure from fines and lawsuits if data is exposed to the wrong parties

Saroni Consulting offers many services and tools that support your data management challenges. These services and tools include but are limited to:

  • Manage and protect the value of your data
  • Inventory and tracking of your data
  • Control of the movement and sharing of your data
  • Analysis and reporting of your data

These data management capabilities are achieved through Saroni Consulting’s suite of data management services.

Data Management Services Suite

  • Conversion and Migration
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Management
  • Data Exchange and Interfaces
  • Data Backup and Recovery

Conversion and Migration

Saroni Consulting has broad experience in successfully converting and migrating data for large projects. Through the use of automated tools and our proven methodology, our team greatly reduces the time and risks that organizations have traditionally experienced when converting and migrating data. Organizations have often under estimated large scale data conversion and migration, which resulted in major project delays and even failure. Saroni Consulting’s highly experienced team has achieved repeated successes through the use of our proven data conversion and migration methodology.

The Saroni Consulting data conversion methodology consists of the following stages:

  • Planning and Analysis
  • Conversion Design
  • Extract Data
  • Stage Data
  • Load Data to Repository
  • Analyze Data
  • Reconcile Data
  • Approve Data

The Saroni Consulting team has used many data management and conversion tools that greatly speed up the data discovery and mapping process. We utilize a patented artificial intelligence based tool that automatically does the initial data discovery and mapping process. While running unattended, this tool has successfully mapped up to 70% of data matches from multiple data sources simultaneously. The use of this automated tool has GREATLY reduced the time required by the data management team for data discovery and mapping.

Data Modeling

Saroni Consulting has deep knowledge and experience in data modeling techniques.

Relational Modeling – Saroni Consulting has created many third normal form relational models for our clients. Some have been full enterprise level operational models of a large scale. Saroni Consulting has created relational data models that are consistent with the naming conventions of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). These NIEM compatible models were created for Integrated Justice and integrated benefits case management systems. These models are reusable starting points for our public safety, courts and social services clients.

Multi-dimensional Modeling – Saroni Consulting has done extensive multi-dimensional data models in support of data warehouse creation. Modeling methodologies include the Kimball dimensional modeling technique.

Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence

Saroni Consulting has designed and implemented large data warehouse solutions. These implementations include the discovery, mapping, conversion and loading of data into the data warehouse data structures. We know how to provide and develop the data analytics and visualization tools needed to track organizational performance measures. Saroni Consulting has created performance dashboards for client managers to proactively identify and react to issues and opportunities. Saroni Consulting has also implemented predictive analysis solutions for healthcare and public safety clients. The Saroni Consulting Team understands the importance of freeing the knowledge and insights that well managed data can provide to client decision makers.

Big Data Management

Big data is structured, semi structured, unstructured, and raw data in many different formats, in some cases looking totally different from the clean scalar numbers and text we have stored in our data warehouses for the last 30 years. Much big data cannot be analyzed with anything that looks like SQL, but most important, big data is a paradigm shift in how we think about data assets, where do we collect them, how do we analyze them, and how do we monetize the insights from the analysis.

The big data revolution is about finding new value within and outside conventional data sources. An additional approach is needed because the software and hardware environments of the past have not been able to capture, manage, or process the new forms of data within reasonable development times or processing times.

Organizations are dealing with immense amounts of data. Petabytes of behavioral and image data are being accessed through MapReduce/Hadoop as well as massively parallel relational databases. Your data warehouse must be structured to support the advanced analytics solutions that leverage these new environments.

Saroni Consulting can help your organization meet these challenges by reorganizing your information management landscape to extend and evolve your data warehouse architecture to this new era of big data analytics.

Data Exchange and Interfaces

Saroni Consulting has been a thought leader and early adopter of data exchanges using the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) standard. NIEM was initially developed after the 911 attacks to allow for the seamless exchange of law enforcement and intelligence data from federal, state and local databases. Now new domains such as Healthcare and Social Services are committing to using the NIEM standard for data exchange across departments and jurisdictional boundaries.

Saroni Consulting leads the way in the adoption and application of NIEM for Justice, and Child, Youth and Family Services domains. (See Illustration below of the NIEM domains) Saroni Consulting is also pioneering the use of NIEM for Health Insurance Exchanges (HIXs) in Healthcare.

Saroni Consulting has designed and implemented many successful data interfaces for extremely large projects. Using our leading data discovery and mapping tools, Saroni Consulting INNOVATION has worked on projects that have required over 100 interfaces. Our tool sets have greatly reduced the time required to develop interfaces. We ensure that the right data is securely delivered to the right people at the right time……every time.

Data Backup and Recovery

Saroni Consulting has developed comprehensive data backup and recovery solutions for our clients. We have reduced the complexity and cost of backup and recovery through the use of cloud based backup methods. We understand the implication of HIPAA rules on the storage of copied data that might contain a patient’s private health information. We can work with you to ensure your data backup and recovery solution fully addressed these requirements.

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