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We help to process business services companies keep pace with emerging technologies, rising customer expectations, ever-changing regulations and disruptive business models.

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Business Problem Generally, all enterprises struggle to improve business performance. The Business Process Management (BPM) service is a promising new way to achieve that goal. BPM focuses on aligning all aspects of your organization with the wants and needs of the organization. It promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology.

Approach to Business Process Management Saroni Consulting’s methodology is a top-to-bottom approach that starts with the identification of Process Groups at the enterprise level, and then goes as deep as the separate functions of the elementary data items. At the same time, your organization’s structure and IT landscape are captured to integrate the business process models with the people who actually execute those processes and tools they use.

The Business Process Management Service provides an iterative approach. The output of the Discovery phase is a scope of business processes to be analyzed. Then, the whole scope is decomposed into cycles depending on the complexity of your business processes, BA team, and schedule and iteration plan.


Value Proposition

The Business Process Management consulting service provides the following benefits:

Cost saving due to real business alignment of the software developed.

Business process optimization before implementation identifying potential bottlenecks and points of improvements.

Improved transparency with process diagrams.

Specification of the exact result of the business process, and the understanding of the business value.

Understanding of the business process activities Knowing the exact tasks and activities that have to be performed is crucial to understanding the details of the process.

Understanding the order of activities Activities can be performed in sequence or in parallel, which can help improve the overall time required to fulfill a business process.

Understanding the utilization of resources consumed in the business process.

Understanding the relationship between people involved in the processes and their communication. Knowing exactly who communicates with whom is important and can help to organize and optimize communications.

Understanding the information flow Business processes produce and consume information. We will provide an understanding of where information is going and where it is coming from.

Usage of business process models as work guidelines for your employees who can introduce themselves to the business processes faster and more efficiently.

Saroni Consulting Services

Start working with Saroni Consulting that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.